The exclusive morning flight of Sunday 18th October


Sunday morning also saw the exclusive flight for Lorraine Woodrow and her father Albert.


G-CEJI, a Lindstrand 105 was quickly prepared and inflated and with passengers aboard she gently climbed into the sky.


Climbing high above Norwich, G-CEJI flew in a south easterly direction and over the villages of Keswick, Upper Stoke and onto Poringland.


Continuing the adventure onto Brooke and then over Seething for some low flying over the airfield. Unfortunately what goes up must come down and this was to be in a grass field in the Norfolk village of Thwaite.


Presented with their commemorative certificates over a glass of champagne Lorraine and Albert were reunited with their family who had been following behind the retrieval crew.


A couple of days later Lorraine spoke to Jules in the office and said, "Absolutely out of this world, we just can't stop talking about it, thank you!"


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