The Summer so far...


The Summer so far...

It's been a fantastic Summer for Broadland Balloons with nearly a 1000 people since April! Having caught up with a few people after they've flown this is what they have to say.

Ms Ives - Flew 15th September 2011 PM

I really enjoyed myself, even though I have a slight fear of heights it wasn't apparent at all when you're in the balloon. It wasn't scary at all. It's lovely to see the landscape from a different perspective, it looked like a model village!

Mr Sibley - Flew 15th July 2011 AM

I absolutely loved, my daughter had flown before but I hadn't. What amazed me is how quiet and peaceful it was. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I would definitely do it again. I'd recommend it to anybody, I've already talked my brother into doing it!

Mrs Everett - 2nd August 2011 AM

I had flown once before in Florida and loved every minute of it, that's why I wanted to book again. What is nice about flying here is that it's great to be able to pick out landmarks and places that you know. I would love to do it again.

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