About Our Company

Over 25 years in the Business

We started out as private balloonists, we were initially ballooning for our own pleasure. This hobby blossomed in 1995 into the established business we are today. Nowadays, we have the ability to fly more than one thousand passengers each year in East Anglia with our impressive large balloon. We have a burning passion for ballooning and hope to pass this feeling on to all our passengers during the flight.

Qualified Pilots

All of our commercial pilots are held to the highest safety standards. Each of them holds an unrestricted commercial pilot’s license, issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, as well as many years of experience flying hot air balloons. Chief Pilot, Sean Simington, has over 1,400 hours flying balloons. Our Company Commercial Pilot, David Stagg, was virtually born into ballooning as his parents were regular crew for the company. Annually, each pilot has to undertake a flight examination and a medical – coupled together, these procedures ensure a continuous high regard for passenger safety. You can definitely trust our extensive experience and respected reputation.

Safety First

All of our balloons are classified as Public Transport Category aircraft, exactly like any airline you’d go on holiday with. Each balloon is granted a certificate of airworthiness by the Civil Aviation Authority when manufactured. Additionally, every 100 hours of flying or 12 months (whichever occurs first) the balloon must be carefully inspected by a CAA licensed maintenance organisation. Your safety is ultimately our safety too!

Civil Aviation Authority Licensed

Established for over 25 years, Broadland Balloons was one of the UK’s first hot air balloon companies to be granted an Air Operator Certificate. Every year we are audited by the Civil Aviation Authority to ensure we are delivering a continuously high standard to our customers Air Operator Certificate number is BL027.

A Passion for Flying

There is no question that we owe our great success to our team of employees. Their constant enthusiasm and friendliness ensures all our customers have the best experience possible – from booking a date to the flight itself. Our ability to constantly exceed customers’ expectations makes our service impossible to match! So, if you are looking for the best in quality and experience then look no further!

More Flight Availability

We are delighted to offer a plethora of flight dates to choose from that simply cannot be matched! This becomes crucial for you when trying to book a date to fly. Some of our competitors advertise many more launch sites, but do not let you see their date availability until after you purchase a voucher – maybe they don’t want you to see their limited choices! Here at Broadland Balloons we have nothing to hide!

Setting The Scene

We only fly from the most idyllic and convenient launch sites East Anglia has to offer. Your flight is always a special occasion, so you need an incredible setting to match. Our exclusive venues are hand selected to give you a sensational backdrop to each and every take-off, no matter what time of year you fly.

Champagne Experience

Our flights last around one hour in duration. After touchdown and helping to pack the balloon away you will be greeted with a bubbling glass of genuine Champagne to top off your experience – a ballooning tradition from many years ago. Some say it is a small homage to the French inventors of the balloon, the Montgolfier brothers.

All Hot Air!

Our balloon pilots have experienced ballooning on a worldwide scale over many years. Our Chief Pilot, Sean Simington, took his first flight in 1982 and checked out as pilot in 1988 before training further to obtain a Commercial Balloon Pilot Licence in 1992. Sean has been an instructor on balloons for 25 years training many pilots from East Anglia and further afield. Company Pilot, David Stagg, checked out as a Balloon Pilot in 2010 and acquired his commercial qualification in 2018. Sean and David have enjoyed flying in France, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Canada, USA and all parts of the UK. Not just Norfolk and Suffolk although they are beautiful counties to fly in.